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What is

Myou is a cat, but it also is the acronym of Make your own universe. is intended as a platform where you can make your own universe, and furthermore, you will also be able to navigate through universes created by other people. Those universes can be video games, experiences, interactive art... the posibilities will be unlimited. wants to be a metaverse, where the creative and restless minds will be able to come together and collaborate to create, and share interactive 2D and 3D content, without any rectrictions.

To achieve that, we are creating several open-source tools (under MIT license), such as myou-engine, myou-tool, myoUI, myou-log and others. Which are currently independent projects, but will eventually evolve and adapt to be part of the platform.

We are mainly focused on the development of myou-engine, a game engine for the web which will also be the core of metaverse. It is a very lightweight game engine, which currently features an editor based on Blender.

Myou-engine is perfect to create 3D interactive elements which could be embed on web-sites because it is small and simple, but it also is powerfull and you will be able to create full videogames or a complex 3D apps. And the optimizations for VR, together with Blender integrations, makes myou-engine inherently excelent for making animated VR movies and engaging interactive game cutscenes.

For the time being, in you will find all the information and news about the development of, myou-engine and the tools we are creating by the process.